ISSMAG Gallery in Moscow, Russia run by Dishon Yuldash (founding director). It functions independently and periodically since 2014 with new generation of artists and is experimenting with the curatorial proposal, the
innovative artistic creation, the self-organized function and the interaction with

the place itself (2-floor garage) which houses the project. ISSMAG is a good example of an initiative that incorporate enthusiasts with similar point of view on the local art situation, who have the will to change it by active participation. Due the last three years the gallery has changed its location and format several times, from pop-up corner at Bolshaya Dmitrovka to temporary space at the former factory NIIDAR. ISSMAG reflexes the contemporary spirit and is able to adapt to the difficult economic situation at the Moscow art scene. In December 2016 the gallery got a new room: a garage with two floors near the Hermitage garden.