Ekaterina Vasilyeva & Hanna Zubkova

virtual performance in distance, in three acts
curated by Alexander Burenkov

This contextual performance is their third collaboration and until now has not been presented in Moscow. This artist talk/pop-up exhibition will be held in form of performative event, part of which will be also the screening of Ted Kotcheff 's «Human Voice» and the presentation of performance's video documentation.

The performance HUMAN VOICE. TRANSLATIONS took place in the church Saint-Eustache, Paris, in March 2015 in the framework of the program of performances with a general name «Human Voice». The name of Jean Cocteau play, the date of the program (the eve of the Total Solar eclipse) and the place (the church) became the three contextual elements at the core of the conceptual performance, an intervention in situ, which the duo of artists of Ekaterina Vasilyeva and Hanna Zubkova made in a form of a polysemic chronotope on the intersection «gesture / text / place»

The initial play by Jean Cocteau (1930) is a monoplay for one character. A desperate woman who's man had left her, talks on the phone with, apparently, this very man who is about to leave to the seashore with his new lover. The phantom image of this play takes place in a church, which is a place of connection, where the one who speaks is a medium of the voice of the Other, and where the one addresses to someone who is present and absent at the same time. Meanwhile the two protagonist, the performers, are located in different countries, one in Paris, another by the sea. Reflecting on the parameters of the context Ekaterina and Hanna proposed a mis-en-scene in which they used a popular contemporary communication tool - Skype app, which allows the body to obtain virtuality through the web-cam and returns to the reality in the form of a voice.

Solar eclipse is an omen perceived in religious tradition as a mystical event. It appears in the church in a form of on-line broadcast as an astronomical fact, keeps on reconstituting the dialectics of opposition and copresence of transcendency and technology.

- screening of the film "The Human Voice" by Ted Kotcheff
(1960, 50 min.) with Ingrid Bergman in the title role
- artists talk with Ekaterina Vasilieva and Hanna Zubkova and presentation of video performance HUMAN VOICE. TRANSLATIONS

Ekaterina Vasilyeva (born in1983 in Moscow, lives and works in Paris) has graduated from l'École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, she earlier received an MA from the State Management faculty of the Moscow State University and worked in marketing departments of various multinational companies. Vasilyeva's artistic practice has evolved from photography, to mixed media site-specific installations, that combine diversity of styles and media, such as arte povera, ready made, and found objects, photography, sculpture, sound and video. She is inspired by urban context and architectural forms. She developed site-specific performances such as "AUGENMUSIK" (2016, Paris) related to the emergency state in France, which was shown during FIAC in Paris. She showed her work at at Mansart Gallery (Paris), Curry Vavart (Paris), Clovis XV (Brussels), etc.

Hanna Zubkova (born in 1988 in Moscow, lives and works in Minsk and Moscow). The artist conceives multimedia projects, based on research method on the intersection of philosophy, arts and anthropology. She graduated from Sorbonne department of philosophy, art and media. Hanna works with time-based situations, where the marge between fictional and real is a utopian space for questioning the status quo. She works with themes such as abruption between the event and its representation, construction and mediation of knowledge, inter-translation of text and image, of the word and the world through metanarrative collages. Her media are postdramatic theatre, performance, installation and text. Her performances took place in Ciglana (Belgrade, Serbia), ENSA Bourges (France), Na Shabalovke Gallery (Moscow, Russia) etc.

Starting from 2014 Ekaterina and Hanna worked as a duo and conceived such contextual projects as «Axis of Revolution» (2014, Moscow), "To Paul to Matthew To Philip" (2015, Norway) realized at the former NATO naval base Olavsvern, «Human voice. Translations» (2015, Paris) at Church Saint-Eustache, performative verbatim with Giorgio Agamben «Agamben fries an egg»(2015 Grado, Italy). The duo recently showed their work at Centro Pecci (Prato, Italy), 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art ("Metageography", National Tretyakov Gallery, "Leaving Tomorrow", Winzavod Art Center), at Galerie Nivet-Carzon (Paris), Festival Performania (Berlin) etc. The duo is nominated for Kandinsky prize in 2015 for the project «Axis of Revolution»