ISSMAG participation in Baitball 02, Italy

The second edition of the Baitball project opens its doors from January 17th to March 15th at Palazzo San Giuseppe in Polignano a Mare.

Baitball is an exercise, a hybrid, a crossbreed between a long-term project art fair and a collectively curated exhibition, it is a shared dimension, a way to live and co-evolve together through differences, dreaming up new worlds to become-with-others.

Baitball 02 involves 80 galleries, project spaces, artist-run spaces, collectives, curators, and art institutions. Over 300 artists, activists, and researchers were called to deal with the metaphorical image of a long table set for an imaginary collective lunch during which unfold speculations around the concepts of collaboration and self-organization through the act of sharing food and the practices of commensalism and conviviality.

Food, and sharing it also stimulates a string of references and connections that range from anthropology to zoology, from religion to the sacred and magic. The very idea of food and nourishment raises urgent questions about the interwoven fabric that covers politics, economics, nature, and the structures of power.

*A bait ball occurs when small organisms (fish, birds, insects) move tightly compacted in a spherical formation around a common center. It is a defensive measure adopted to escape the threat of predators, but it is also a cohesion exercise enhancing the hydro-aerodynamic functions.

Artists presented:
Slava Nesterov
Daria Makarova
Dasha Kuznetsova