Cameron Graham + Colin Roche

5.08- 20.08

In the same space, and in the same environment, two artists — Cameron Graham (UK) and Colin Roche (FR) — cross their creative processes during a residency period. The Encounters project is a pure compositional act that explodes the artists/composers' ways of working, placing each of their daily routines into the exhibition environment, making these routines essential parts of the work itself. It is a process of gathering the traces of their actions and experiences in the city into a collection of found objects, raw audio and visual documentation — elements that are then developed, prepared and composed. Growing into the final, complete state, Cameron and Colin make every moment of the two-week preparation visible and recognizable. They strive to cross and connect events and daily experience, ultimately isolating the in-between.

Working hours:
Mon-Fri — 15:00-20:00
Sat-Sun — 14:00-19:00
By appointment only / +7 926 914 9620
The presentation of the exhibition will be held on the 16th August, starting at 7pm.

Curator: Sasha Elina

The exhibition is supported by Projet Bloom and Untitled Foundation.