Sarah Culmann

Curated by Antonina Baever
November 2015

The project is based on a proposal of the artist to classify countries around the world on the principle of digital resolution – the higher the cultural and economic development and impact of a particular state , the greater pixel resolution. In the exhibition Cargocento, Sarah Сulmann considers the influence of the Christian 4K – culture ( starting with the Renaissance ) to countries with lower gross national income . If you can not afford Carrara marble – it is possible to imitate it, by using cheap plastic. Thus was born a kind of cargo-cult quality, design and simulative technology becomes a useless sign of pseudo-luxury.
Sarah Сulmann deals with the transformation of cultural imprints under the influence of economy and speculative concepts of progress and technology. She works with the idea of the aesthetic stereotype as an important element of modern iconography .
After graduating from Moscow State University of Art of S.G. Stroganov, Sarah worked several years as an artist and art director for film and television . Other education include studying with the group PROVMYZA, as well as at the School of Photography and Multimedia, Rodchenko. Sarah mainly works with video and animation.