"Party and Play"
Dima Fedorov

Curated by ISSMAG
December 2015

Dima Fedorov`s Exhibition looks fresh and unexpectedly in Russian context, - both aesthetically and thematically A series of paintings «Party and Play» refers to normal, but almost entirely absent in our context queer aesthetics, in which the naive and amateur artistic mates with artistic professionalism, charm - with anger (at least let`s remember the slogan that became a symbol of the liberation of the gay community in the 70`s, - I am your worst fear. I am your best fantasy). Thematically Fedorov`s works mostly connected with the reality of the queer community. «Party and play» is the practice of having sex before taking the drugs (so named in the gay community); gay images snatched from the Internet (pirate princess pickle bunny); Tesak; absence of the opportunity to be closer to religious («God hates fags?», crusades composition of some drawings); lady-boys, queer-body; homophobia; Gloria Gaynor song «I will survive», an international gay anthem. Each of these paintings shows a certain gender identity and at the same time - impossibility of its expression (it is emphasized by the fact that the work were done on the backs of the exhibition`s affiche, that is actually talking about the hidden). At first glance, these intimate works are gradually opens their social connotations - as a reproach not only to the disapprobatory society, but mostly to Russian LGBT - community, which has done nothing for the last 15-20 years. Swallow your pride. Fedorov`s exhibition, bold and ambitious, he rips these affiches, showing a hidden, declaring his identity in the context of Russian contemporary art.