Anna Shestakova
The unpredictable rise of self-esteem

Curated by Antonina Baever
October 2015

Internet, the biggest source of information for the generation of 90's baby boomers, has given rise to an even more critical body image. Where in the generations before, it was mainly the beauty industry ( like 'outsiders' ) selling us the notion of an inadequate self, to make us believe we will be more worthy when using their products. We as society have become active participants in fueling this feeling of insecurity, showcasing ourselves on numerous social media to the scrutiny or appraise of our peers, and fixating our self- worth on these opinions. Little by little, we give away the right to a healthy self-image. To the pressure of the media and parents at an early age, to a spouse or peer later on. We promise never to do a tattoo , to cut our hair, not to be pierced or stay in a certain shape . On the other hand, we want to feel free in our choices, we want self-confidence, awareness and responsible consumption. We want to respect our body. We want and are fighting for our rights against mega-corporations and winning. Only in recent years has it become widely known that cosmetic brands worldwide put our health last. That Vaseline - a byproduct of petroleum refining does our skin absolutely no good . That L'Oreal sells the same products in different packages. Through the efforts of many women brands such as OPI, Kiehl Johnson & Johnson started to change the composition of their products. Their website An important evidence, that the world is changing along with us - H&M picked up on this tendency in a just released video, swiftly collected millions of views, which puts an end to 'the rules of wearing clothing' predicted rules supposedly no longer apply - The only thing the brand proposes, is to pass clothes on, a closed circle. -Although H&M brand policy does not evoke any sympathy. When realizing the order of things, there begins a daily struggle for the body . Attempts to bring it back. Any change in the physical appearance becomes a radical gesture of freeing yourself from wishes and expectations of others. Combating all corporations.The current industry is based on the fact that you should not love yourself. Loving yourself - is a radical gesture . We all have the right to a healthy self-image . For every image in reality is a story . It's always a story.