Arnold Trautwein
Tales of Order Vol. 2:
The Wayward Chronicles

Сurated by Alexander Burenkov

July 2017

"Tales of Order Vol. 2: The Wayward Chronicles," is based on a contradictory notion of cataloging and systematization of something fantastic and fictional. This is reflected throughout the practice of Trautwein in the various ways he overlays DIY aesthetics, infantile sketches derived from comics and cartoons, upon an orderly installation structure.
The mise-en-scene of the exhibition is organized as a show-window demonstrating props for an epic fantasy film that has been filmed or not yet filmed, which unfortunately the viewer is deprived of the opportunity to watch. By encasing his drawings into boxes, Trautwein unpacks the dimensions of the infantile and fantastic, where maniacal pursuits and daydreaming are released.
Items from construction and repairs—shelves, mounts, and plastic wrapping film—through its re-exposure: in a game with materials, Trautwein partially scans surfaces of wooden and plastic objects and includes them in textured photo prints for cardboard boxes.
Alexander Burenkov. 2017