ISSMAG presents the exhibition
Vsevoloda Cherepanova (Amoureuxpeintre)
"Be Water, My Friend. Empty your mind "
June 3-13. 18.00
ISSMAG Gallery

Vsevolod travels alone and tries to catch on his smartphone camera natural phenomena that lie between balance and loss of balance, where a desire is born to overcome what at first glance may seem simple or even invisible. The search for truth and the practice of achieving truth can be both in the bosom of nature, running 20 km, and in its simulation on a rug.

Sports, technological design, photography form an ecosystem of perception of everything that Vsevolod does, transforming it into a material object. The Amoureuxpeintre x ISSMAG collaboration features an eco-bottle for water, a yoga mat and an armchair in one piece from the collection design category.
The exposition will feature photo and video documentation, as well as one copyright object that was developed in collaboration with the Danish brand ECCO.

The main material in the development of the object was an innovative leather, thin as paper and much stronger than steel. This leather is also used in the limited edition Curated collection, which is presented only in Russia and Japan. By supporting art, ECCO becomes part of an experiment, the result of which is a search for empathy for materials of different structures and shapes, a search for balance.