Photographer: Gijs van de Veerdonk @gijsvdvd. Styling: Anne Baarslag @annebaarslag. Hair and Mua: Christine Marie Kat @yourstruly.christinemarie. Nail art: Daniel Smedeman @glazednails_official.
Poseidonna wearing: Naomi Tarazi @naomi.tarazi

Zhazhda's Psychedelic Wet Dream

Zhazhda is a musical and visual project by producer Rimer London and artist Poseidonna.

I was born in Moscow but didn't really have a relationship with the country as I left when I was one and hardly visited as I was growing up. If you have ever been to Brighton beach in NYC you will see how time has stood still on those Russian immigrants. They carry around the spirit of the days they left the USSR. This was kind of how I felt, that I was carrying a ghost of Russia inside. But I didn't know how it was in reality. I knew the stories from the news, the negative connotations, and the stereotypes surrounding Russians. But I didn't know myself in that way. So when I was a bit older I moved to Moscow for a few years. It opened my mind and this time actually mirrored a part of my soul that I couldn't really see before. There is something in the Russian identity in all its width that speaks to me so deeply. There is something so spiritual and profound yet simple in our culture. Refined yet ironic. And this is also reflected in my lyrics for Zhazhda.

It was actually by chance that we did Zhazhda in the Russian language, it was more like a joke at first because we decided to do an Italo disco project. But when I started writing I felt so free to express in a way that was less solid than in English for example. I don't own the language like that, I can bend it and twist it, almost dadaistic to create my own way of speaking. For me, mumble rap is really inspiring. At a certain point, you can express an emotion, a feeling symbolically, with sounds just an intonation, tone of voice. By mixing up so many metaphors that it's just poetry without the mind trying to grasp it with understanding. But just something you experience with feeling. I really like the humor and the wisdom that came into the songs while being dance floor-worthy and fun.

Poseidonna is a reflection of myself as a creative entity, I was born under the sign of a double Pisces and I have been told this is the sign of the shaman.

This is my spiritual experience that I share as Poseidonna. She is timeless, the goddess of water, mystical and mythical, fluid, inflow, here to baptize you into the waters of her ecstasy. She dives into the rich darkness of the underworld to bring back to light gold and pearls to share with the world.
Rimer London has been part of the Dutch music scene for years and has established himself as a to-go-to producer in Amsterdam and beyond. He creates music in a wide range of styles; from electronic to rock. One of his internationally renowned projects 'Le Le' was a collaboration with artist Piet Parra and Dutch rap-legend Faberyayo.

Sophia Batovrina, an x-disciplinary creative, gives life to Poseidonna: An inner entity, a timeless spirit that represents the creative flow. Something that is fluid like water, uncatchable and moldable, taking shapes to what is inspired by the present moment. Sophia was born in Moscow within an artistic family, yet she grew up between NYC and Amsterdam. These metropolises of eastern and western culture have influenced her on many levels, shaping her identity and artistic expression.

For 'Zhazhda' Rimer London brings a base of catchy Italo disco-inspired beats, acid house, and dreamy/pop arrangements. These have been top-lined with the Russian vocals and harmonies of Poseidonna who sings about the existential human experience and adds a unique vibe of humor and depth to the songs.

Their debut EP contains 8 tracks; 4 songs and their instrumental versions.

The opener 'Glubina' means 'Depth' and reflects upon the age-old question 'is the devil amongst us or does it live deep down inside of us?' Follow-up 'Padushki' - meaning 'Pillows' - was released as the first single and is a sexy tongue-in-cheek song about lovers and desire. The third track 'Otvet' ('Answer') has Poseidonna singing about total self-expression being the highest form of freedom. Finally, 'Smerilas' ('Made Peace') probes the question 'what would you do when the world ends?

Early support was received for some of these by the likes of Tiga, Erol Alkan, and Marcel Dettmann.

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Zhazhda Poseidonna ( Sophia Batovrina) Rimer London
Mikrowelle Publishing Release 07 January 2022